A unique investment firm with a vision to co-create sustainable companies


Coup Capital is a unique investment opportunity that delivers both real time profit and equity development in a set of companies co-created by professional entrepreneurs and the Startup Studio team (a subsidiary of Coup Capital) every year. 


Making an impact

We make charitable contributions the backbone of Coup Capital. This means that the profits generated from the incredible achievements of companies co-created by Coup Capital can make a massive difference.
It brings intense meaning to what we do and gives us a heightened sense of responsibility. In other words, if we make a great investment, it pays for educational scholarships, medical research, after-school programs for the individuals in need.

Creating a Legacy

We are focused on building partnerships that encourage long-term, sustainable growth and provide businesses and investors the opportunity to make significant contributions to their communities and their families.
It's more than just an investment.  It's a legacy. 
Coup will bring together like-minded individuals, both creators and investors, who are focused on developing businesses and contributing knowledge that bring long term benefit to everyone.