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Traditionally, investors would have to develop an extensive portfolio before they could achieve a positive return on investment. Sourcing, approaching, vetting and investing in quality entrepreneurs and startups is a massive endeavour for every investor. In many cases it seems to be a numbers game. Many investors use the shotgun approach by investing certain amount of money across several startups hoping that one or two of them will return several multiples of their investment.  In the end, those who are successful in this market are often those who get lucky. What if there is a better and more methodical way of investing in early stage technology companies.



MappedIn provides indoor navigation services to visitors of malls, airports, conference centres, conventions, museums, theme parks and more. MappedIn offers a variety of products and services, including mobile and web applications, standalone kiosk software and direction and path finding service.


Hockeystick provides data, insight and transparency to private markets so they can operate more efficiently. The technology unlocks the value of financial data for all stakeholders in private markets: people, companies, investors, limited partners, and researchers. Thousands of companies and investors rely on Hockeystick to communicate critical financial data.


FileFacets is a cloud-based information governance solution for migrating unstructured content in shared drives, Microsoft SharePoint, and ECM repositories. The company steers clear of the many one-off lift-and-shift tools in delivering sophisticated content analysis to create a highly automated and scalable SaaS-based solution. Hundreds of enterprises across the globe have trusted FileFacets to successfully migrate more than 150 petabytes of content.


Simpatico Intelligent Systems specializes in delivering fast, secure, compliant data infrastructures as a service to enable and empower interconnectivity for data intensive sectors such as healthcare. Simpatico's platform, Smile CDR, is a complete HL7 FHIR-Based clinical data repository as a service.


ApplyBoard is revolutionizing the way international students find Universities and Colleges in North America. ApplyBoard's platform seamlessly connects students with High Schools, Agents, Colleges, and Universities. Students from anywhere in the world can easily find and apply to the best programs based on their academic background, desired course of study and financial situation.

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At Coup Capital, we strive to maximize the opportunity while mitigating the risk in early stage technology investments. We have seen the need for a new way to invest. By joining us, you invest in a proven platform that mitigates risk, and a team that has consistently transformed ideas into viable companies.

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